Welcome Proles!
Big Brother, 4198 A.D.

Welcome to yet another dev blog!
Here you can get some infos (about the marketing and the development) about our upcoming game, Proles in the info section or jump directly to the faq. Or you could meet the team.

Yeah, we've not been very active these past few month. Not here, not on Twitter. Unfortunately, our grand-boost ran out back in September before we could finish everything for Kickstarter and we've been trying to survive ever since. Some small jobs, here and there... but nothing serious enough to be able to work full-time on Proles again for a few weeks.
Nonetheless, we still work on it every day. Bit by bit, byte by byte.

(TBH, I have like 8

PBR Shader So, I've been fighting with my pbr shader for the last weeks and I thought I'd share my ideas on it so maybe it could help somebody wrap their head around it.

Edit: With the release of the wonderful Untiy5 we of course switched to an adapted version of the standard pbr shader. Still, I hope you'll find this few infos useful.

First of all, the font used in the header image is Comic Sans - just to show what

And we are live with our dev blog for Proles. Enjoy!